Monday 22 June 2020

Output Restricted

Lots to snack on in this little article. Read attentively because there will be a test later.

Output Restricted

The fourteenth annual ordinary general meeting of Red Tower Lager Brewery Ltd was held yesterday at the Grand Hotel. Manchester. Mr. H. P. Gillow, J. P. (chairman of the company) presiding, said:
The result of the year's working must be considered satisfactory in view of the difficulties we have had to face. I deplore the fact that a further reduction in quality has been forced upon us, and that our permitted output has been restricted, and look forward to the time. which I trust will not long be delayed, when we return to freedom as to quality and quantity.

The restriction on export is particularly unfortunate at a time when we had expended large sums of money on plant to cope with this trade, and we hope for its speedy removal.

Good progress has been made in installing plant to allow for greater production as is evident from the increase of £30,000 under this heading. The post-war refund of Excess Profits has assisted to keep the reduction in the margin by which current cash assets exceed current cash liabilities, due to the above expenditure, to a reasonable figure, and the completion of this programme should cause no embarrassment."
Birmingham Daily Gazette - Saturday 28 September 1946, page 4.

Red Tower was one of just six breweries regularly producing Lager at the time.

Restricted output, limits on export, Excess Profits Tax. How much fun it was to be a brewer in the 1940s.

There was an Excess Profits Tax in both world wars.If a company made too much money, the government simply took it off them. The commie bastards.

Red Tower is still operating, usually called the Royal Brewery nowadays. I think they're still brewing that horrible lagery stuff.


John said...

You probably know this, but HUK brew Fosters and Kronenbourg there.

Unknown said...

I believe that since the recent brewhouse upgrades, the Royal Brewery (Heineken Manchester) is now the largest brewery by volume of production in the UK.