Wednesday 11 September 2019

Next August in Australia

That's my plan for my next adventure with the kids. It having the great advantage of being winter and not so effing hot as Japan and South Korea were.

Without infinite pools of cash - and having recently calculated my likely pension - it would be nice to recoup some of our expenses.

Are you based in Australia and fancy:

  • brewing a collaboration beer
  • having me give a talk
  • getting me pissed
Get in touch.

A very rough itinerary is: Perth, Melbourbe, Brisbane and Cairns. But that's very flexible. I can be easily tempted to stray elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

How about a detour across the Tasman to visit the Hobbits?

Ron Pattinson said...


I hadn't thought about that. I could be tempted.

Nigel Bruer said...

Hey Ron,

I’m based in Perth and part of a homebrew club here. I’ll talk to the club events manager, but I’m sure everyone would be keen to hear you talk. We’ll get you pissed too. We meet every second Tuesday, but can organise a stand-alone date if needed. I myself am super interested in historical brewing and have presented beers at the archaeological conference (I am an archaeologist), but am always keen to learn more.

Feel free to get in touch. Someone to get in touch with is peter Symons in Sydney. Peter has written books about historical Australian brewing and brewing records. I’m not sure of his email address but I’m sure I could put you in touch.

Cheers from perfect weather in Perth,