Thursday, 19 September 2019

Anyone living in Glasgow?

Who fancies doing me a favour?

There are a couple of brewing records in the Scottish Brewing Archive that I could really do with getting photos of. But I can't really justify the expense of going to Glasgow myaelf.

So, anyone fancy a little light photography? There are a couple of my self-published books in it for you.


RCairns86 said...

Hi Ron, if the archive is available on Saturdays and you are still looking for someone to photograph stuff i'd be happy to go along for you.

Ron Pattinson said...

Hi Unknown,

thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, the archive is only open Monday to Thursday.

RCairns86 said...

Ah, that's a pain. Sadly I don't have any days off coming up in the near future. Hopefully you find someone else who can go, if you still haven't found anyone by the New Year email me ( I should have holidays to book for the coming year by then.