Friday, 20 September 2019

Free Friday

Spent my day off - when not answering Alexei's weird questions - transcribing William Younger brewing records from the 1940s. Lots of them.

It got be wondering: is this all a bit obsessive compulsive?

I had plucked out examples of each beer before. Today I went through my photos of WY/6/1/2/81 and extracted the basic details of all the beers. Around 160 examples. Maybe a dozen different beers. But FG apart, there's no variation at all from brew to brew.

So why was I arsed to do this? To see the bigger picture. Which beers were they brewing most of? How often were the stronger beers brewed?

Took me most of the day, but worth it. Got me a good set of data.

Now I have to work out what to do with it.

Also thinking: I may need to visit Glasgow.  There are a few gaps in my photos of Younger's records from the war years. I'd really like to fill them.

It would be really great to have an excuse to visit the city. Like giving a talk or brewing a collaborative beer.

Just a thought.

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