Friday, 26 July 2019

Russian Stout season

War is hell. WW II meant supplied of Barclay Perkins legendary Russian Stout weren't available year-round. Only in a specific season.

It could have been worse. Most stronger beers had long been discontinued by 1944. The amount of correspondnce Barcaly Perkins sent to its tenants is a sign of how important a beer Russian Stout was. Despite not selling in massive quantities.

Popular enough that not everyone got a supply. The handwritten note at the top of the letter remarks: "sent to tenants with an allocation of Russian Stout."

I'd have put up with having to take Russian Stout in half pints rather than nips. Then you'd only neded two bottles to get a full pint. I mean, who drinks less than a full Imperial pint of Russian Stout? That's just disrespectful, man.

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