Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1944 Fullers X

I'm still not done with 1944. This time we have a lovely watery Mild.

To complement their stronger XX Mild, Fullers also brewed the weaker X. The war hadn’t been kind to X, dropping it to minimum OG, down from a more respectable 1033º in 1939. At least it wasn’t going to get any weaker. Though, at just 2.5% ABV, it wasn’t really an intoxicating beverage.

You won’t be surprised that it was parti-gyled with XX, hence the grists are identical. As are the hops, which were all English from the 1943 harvest. So reasonably fresh.

Though X was Fullers biggest seller, they dis brew considerable quantities of XX. In this particular parti-gyle there were 225 barrels of X and 155 barrels of XX.

1944 Fullers X
pale malt 5.00 lb 83.33%
flaked barley 0.75 lb 12.50%
glucose 0.125 lb 2.08%
caramel 1000 SRM 0.125 lb 2.08%
Fuggles 90 min 0.50 oz
Fuggles 30 min 0.50 oz
OG 1026
FG 1007
ABV 2.51
Apparent attenuation 73.08%
IBU 15
SRM 12
Mash at 147º F
After underlet 150º F
Sparge at 168º F
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 62º F
Yeast WLP002 English Ale

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