Saturday 6 July 2019

Let's Brew - 1944 Adnams Double Stout

Yet another 1944 recipe. Not sure why I keep posting these, other than it's 75 years ago. And I'm writing a book about brewing in WW II.

The war seems to have barely brushed Adnams beers. A slight fall in gravity and hopping rate, but barely noticeable compared to the changes in London beers. That’s the advantage of kicking off the war with an unusually weak range.

After a couple of years of war, Adnams was down to just three beers: Bitter, Mild and Stout. That’s a pretty thin range, even for a brewery out in the sticks.

The only difference to the 1939 grist is the addition of flaked barley, which replaces some of the base malt and No. 3 invert. The grist remains quite rich, with three different coloured malts: amber, crystal and chocolate. Adnams were early adaptors of chocolate malt, substituting it for black malt in 1914.

There were two types of hops, both English, from the 1942 and 1943 harvests.

1944 Adnams Double Stout
mild malt 6.00 lb 66.08%
crystal malt 80 L 0.50 lb 5.51%
amber malt 0.50 lb 5.51%
chocolate malt 0.50 lb 5.51%
flaked barley 1.00 lb 11.01%
No. 3 invert sugar 0.33 lb 3.63%
caramel 2000 SRM 0.25 lb 2.75%
Fuggles 120 mins 0.75 oz
Fuggles 60 mins 0.50 oz
Fuggles 30 mins 0.50 oz
OG 1039
FG 1011
ABV 3.70
Apparent attenuation 71.79%
IBU 23
SRM 38
Mash at 148º F
After underlet 150º F
Sparge at 165º F
Boil time 120 minutes
pitching temp 59º F
Yeast WLP025 Southwold


qq said...

Ron, is there any sign in the brewing records of Adnams' "new" yeast, which they got from Morgan's of Norwich in 1942? Any change in attenuation etc?

Roy said...

New to your site. What is caramel (2000 SRM). I assume dark caramel for color but the SRM scale I know only goes up to 40?
Thanks for any assist.
Roy Ventullo