Monday, 19 February 2018

What's missing

Here's a question for you: what's unusual about this price list?

Hants and Berks Gazette and Middlesex and Surrey Journal - Saturday 09 December 1905, page 1.
I've never seen a price list like this from an English brewery. For this period, at least. Have you spotted what's weird? There's no Mild.

There's a reason I hunted out this price list on the British Newspaper Archive. I was taking my first run through Crowley's brewing records (thanks Perter Symons and Edd Mather who supplied them) and was wondering where the hell the Mild was.

I also wanted to make sure that all the B's really were types of Pale Ale. Because I was all confused, like.

This is what the beers looked like:

Crowley beers in 1914
Beer Style OG FG ABV App. Atten-uation lbs hops/ qtr hops lb/brl
AK Pale Ale 1047.1 1011.1 4.76 76.47% 6.25 1.10
B Pale Ale 1038.8 1007.2 4.18 81.43% 7.17 1.01
BB Pale Ale 1045.7 1009.4 4.80 79.39% 9.82 1.64
BBB Pale Ale 1054.0 1011.6 5.61 78.46% 10.75 2.11
L Pale Ale 1052.6 1014.4 5.06 72.63% 6.25 1.24
Porter Porter 1049.9 1016.6 4.40 66.67% 5.63 1.05
Stout Stout 1067.9 1026.0 5.53 61.63% 5.63 1.43
Brewing record held at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies, document number 37M86-2.

Not found the Old Ale yet, I'm afraid. Judging by the number of brews o it, AK was filling the role of Mild Ale. Though before anyone asks, AK is not a type of Mild. It's a Light Bitter.


Edd Mather said...

Hi Ron ,
Sorry mate but the L is a MILD !!.
They were brewing at least three milds in 1896 , an X @ 26 ibu 6.5% abv ,a stock version of the X , And the L is, a mild @1.061° ,24ibu and a very healthy 6.75-7%abv !.
There's also three different AK's : AK Stock @ 1.045° , 38 IBU and 5% abv , a Pale AK @ 1.050°,42ibu, and 5.5%abv and a slightly darker AK @ the same gravity and abv , but at 38 ibu .

Ron Pattinson said...


if L is a Mild, how come it's always parti-gyled with AK?

Edd Mather said...

Hi Ron ,
In 1896 it was P/G with the X , in 1901 ~ onwards with the AK .
The difference being the respective gravities @ lbs of hops per quarter , calculated on gravity @ first charge volumes. ( exclude adjuncts from this calculation) .
L appears as a stand alone gyle on 13/06/1901 , No 13 @ 7 lbs/ qtr.
I've not seen the earliest Brewing Journal , 1890-1896 :27M84/1 as yet to look at the early brewings (yet !!) .