Sunday, 30 October 2016

Ter Brugge

Last Friday was a sad, sad day. Ter Brugge closed forever.

A pub I've used pretty regularly, sometimes very regularly, for a couple of decades. I'm gutted to see it go. Especially as it was the cheapest pub in range of my gaff. Sold La Chouffe on draught. And had korenwijn.

But there are still the memories.

I often used to nip in on the way to collecting the kids from afterschool care. A quick Westmalle Tripel or two and I was on my way. Fortified to face the kids. For a very reasonable price. Ter Brugge was one of a very small number of pubs that didn't hike its prices with the introduction of the euro.

Me, Lucas, Will and the kids used to drop by Ter Brugge for refreshment after playing football in nearby Vondel Park. A few Westmalles helped rehydrate me. At least that's what I told myself. The kids didn't mind. As long as we didn't linger too long.

I recently rediscovered my love of Ter Brugge. Earlier this year I started walking for 30 minutes every evening. Ter Brugge just happens to be about a 15-minute walk from home. Perfect. A visit became part of my nightly ritual.

It's fascinating to see how long it takes to be coinsidered a regular. Sitting in the same spot and ordering the same drink really helps speed things up. After a couple of weeks the barstaff didn't even bother waiting for me to order. They just poured a Chouffe and a korenwijn as soon as I walked in.

Yesterday I took my first evening walk since it closed. It looked so lonely being empty and closed. I didn't bother with a drink elsewhere. What will I do now?

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Mick said...

I feel for you, a closed pub is a miserable thing. Hope you find somewhere else nearby.