Tuesday 18 October 2016

Random Dutch beers (part forty-five)

More Dutch Boks. Not sure how much fun it will be this time, as it's a couple of industrial jobs.

It's been a much quieter week. And this is my second weekend in a row with no travel time to relax. In a beery sort of way.

Despite the name, this is probably brewed at Dommelsch. My joint least-favourite Dutch brewery along with Bavaria.

Hertog Jan Bokbier, 6.5% ABV
It looks the part with a very dark brown colour. Quite an unusual aroma. Which fruit is that? Cherries. Artifical cherry flavour. In the mouth it's sweet and thin, with no discernable bitterness. It's amazing how you can make a beer of 6.5% this blad. It tastes like watered-down cherryade. How bizarre. Not undrinkable, as I'd feared. I've had some real stinkers from Dommelsch in the past.

Both the kids are up and it's only just after 1 PM.

"Do you want to try my beer, Lexie?"

"What is it?"

"Hertog Jan Bokbier."


"What do you think?"

"I don't know. It tastes like it comes out of a barrel."

"Why do you say that?"

"It's a bit woody, sort of. It tastes like the beer they throw into gravy.

"Do you want to try my beer, Dolores?"

"Mmm. It's OK."

It's now Sunday and thebeef joint I picked up in Margate is roaasting in the oven. Even Andrew is back from his mate's. Not looking that lively, mind. And very grey. I can't understand the way these young kids drink to excess. You'd never catch me doing that.

I approach the next Bok with some trepidation. Because despite it being the best-selling Bok, it isn't to my taste.

Grolsch Herfst Bok, 6.5% ABV
I grabbed it in Dirk's yesterday. It can't have cost that much, but I don't remember exactly. Smells of sugar and metal. Really sweet in the mouth, ending with a weird metallic sugariness. Like licking sugar off a cast-iron frying pan. And not in a good way.

"Do you want to try my beer, Dolores?"

"Mm. It's nice that one. Very sweet, but not nasty. Which one is it?"


"It's not as horrible as most of the beers you have me try."

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