Sunday, 6 March 2016

Random Dutch beers (part twenty-two)

No, I hadn't given this up. Just paused or a while.

I had to restart. Orders from Dolores.

"You'd better drink most of those beers before you go to the States, Ronald. I don't want that mess on my floor for two weeks."

I've no idea what she means. There can't be more than 60 or 70 bottles. Where's the mess?

The address of this bunch is just around the corner, but it's brewed at Brouwerij Anders! in Belgium (according to RateBeer).

Two Chefs Brewing Green Bullet IPA 5.7% ABV
Pours the usual hazy copper orange. Forms quite a nice head, though it is pretty fizzy. Lots of those citrusy things in the aroma. And in the mouth. I find it hard to say much about modern IPA's. Citrus, passion fruit, avocado - no, strike the last one. But you know what I mean. Beyond listing a fruit salad's ingredients, there's little else to say. This one's a decent enough drinker. Quite bitter at the end. Just like I'll be, most likely.

This beer's to celebrate finishing my talk for the historic beer conference in Colonial Williamsburg. Been fretting about it all week. Only five days until I travel. I prefer not to leave things so late.

What the hell. let's do another from them.

Two Chefs Dirty Katarina 10.5% ABV
It's 14:30. Perfect time for an Imperial Stout. Actually, a bit late. It's really for breakfast, rather than brunch. Like a really bitter toffee sweet that's been liquidised. In a good way. Or sugared tar. Yummmeee.

"Do you want to try my beer, Andrew"


"After I lugged back all that Amstel from the supermarket for you."

"Dad, where can you buy whale meat"

"Norway, Alexei."

"Go on, try it Andrew."

"OK, then." Sips apathetically.

"Don't know. It's alright."

Really made an impression on Andrew, that one.

"Iceland and Japan, too."

"Why Are you so interested in whale meat, Lexie?"

"It sounds interesting."

"Don't they have it here? I heard they got washed up here and they used them."

"Not for human consumption, Lexie."

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