Thursday, 25 February 2016

Random Dutch beers (part twenty-one)

Am I really up to 21 posts of this drivel. Sorry, these considered reflections. How time flies.

I'll have to be quick. I've an afternoon appointment with Mike. At a new jenever bar he's found in the centre of town. He's very much a fan of jenever, Mike. Much like me, really. But, no time to dally. I need to catch a tram in 10 minutes.

It's another beer from Nijmegen. This time from a highly respected one, Oersoep.

Oersoep Blanco Witte Saison 5% ABV (€2.95 fo 33 cl.)
Hazy pale yellow, with a whipped eggwhite head. What is a White Saison? Saison Dupont is about the same colour as this. Smells like coriander. Maybe they mean a cross between a Witbier and  a Saison. Don't they know Saison is very 2014? And Witbier 1983. The justaposition of bitterness, a slight acidity and coriander is, well, a bit odd. But I'll be drinking it, yesirree. Quickly, as I really do need to leave in a minute.

"Do you want to try my beer, Andrew?"


"Then don't ask me for 20 euros again."

Next, one from a highly respected brewer, Kees Bubberman, who cut his teeth at Emelisse.

Brouwerij Kees Farmhouse IPA 6% ABV (€2.45 for 33 cl.)
It a hazy pale copper colour, but not ridiculously sludgy. Has a lovely juicy citrus aroma. Like sticking your head inside a juicer. All passion fruit once in the mouth. A very nice modern IPA. Don't get the farmhouse bit. Doesn't that usually mean some Brettanomyces or something?

Andrew is still in bed, lazy git, so I can't annoy him by offering him a sip. And Dolores is fiddling with some trees in the garden. You'll have to make do with just my opinion. I need to start cooking Sunday dinner soon. I just switched the oven on.

Andrew has just stumbled downstairs. Looking like a ghost with anaemia.

"Do you want to go down the pub with me and Lucas, Andrew?"


"You're getting very negative, Andrew."

"No, dad."

"At least I got two words out of you that time."

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BryanB said...

Witbier was very much du-jour in Germany last year, while Saisons are catching on there too now. Maybe that's where Oersoep got the idea of a Witty Saison.