Sunday, 14 February 2016

Random Dutch beers (part eighteen)

This is going to take a while. There must be a couple of dozen new Dutch beers sitting on my floor waiting for me to drink them. I'm sure you're glad to hear that.

First today is another from Tongval, a non-brewery owning outfit. But they do state on the label where the brewing took place: 'y Hofbrouwerijke in Belgium. It's another one I picked up in Deen just before Christmas, when they had beer scattered all over the shop.

Tongval Dubbele Tongval 7% ABV
Dark brown and pretty fizzy. Some foam was starting to poke its head out of the bottle before I had chance to pour it. It has a rather unpromising dusty aroma, like a neglected corner of a bedroom. In the mouth it has an odd chicory bitterness. Is it me, or do half of the beers I try have some sort of fermentation fault? I don't think it is me. Maybe I'm just too fussy. Just about on the drinkable side of unpleasant. Just about.

This next bunch don't have a brewery, either. Though they are based just around the corner from here. It's owned by the people who run a couple of pubs on the banks of the mighty Schinkel. According To RateBeer, this was brewed at Brouwerij Anders! in Belgium. (Nice use of an exclamation mark in the name.)

Two Chefs Brewing Green Bullet 5.7% ABV
It's juicly citrus in the aroma, as you'd expect a modern IPA to be. Passion fruit in the mouth with a tobacco-like bitterness lurking around like a kinderlokker at a playground. In short, a perfectly serviceable IPA. Not really much more I can say about it. I'd be happy to drink it regularly. Except Ij IPA has a slight edge. And is cheaper.

Getting that Tongval label off was such a spiky, pointy thing in the thing I mostly use for sitting on*.

* arse


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just wondering if you had seen all the old videos British Pathe uploaded a couple of years ago, there's some old beer ones:

Any idea what the purpose of this is? Resealing the barrels? Sulphuring them?

Ron Pattinson said...


looks like they're disinfecting them.

Anonymous said...