Friday, 26 February 2016

Another new Amsterdam pub

I'm sure I've already mentioned this. I'm struggling to keep up with developments in amsterdam's beer scene. So I wasn't surprised when Mike told me of another new opening.

And a more interesting one than most for me. None of that craft bollocks here. This place combines two of my favourite things: Franconian beer and Dutch jenever.Why has no-one ever thought of that before? You sort of had it for a while in Wildeman, but that's become more of a blur than a focus as the more modern end of Dutch beer has crept in.

Kelkje is operated by people with a pedigree. The father runs Nieuwe Diep distillery and imports Franconian beer. The son, Tin Janssens runs 't Kelkje.

There's a story behind the name. Because it's the Dutch translation of U Kalicha: Svejk's local in Prague. Appropriately, the one non-German draught beer is Czech, from Konrad. Tlking ow which, you' probably like to know what else is pouring. Keesmann Herrenpils, Mahr's Ungespündet plus one rotating tap. At just €2.80 for 25 cl., it's barely more expensive than a glass of Heineken.

I'm getting worried about jenever. It seems to be getting noticed. Which is bollocks. One of the things I love about it are the very reasonable prices. Compared to whisky and other spirits. A very pleasant 1 year will only set you back €3.10, a 3 year €4.20, a 5 year €5.30 and a 10 year €7.90. I call that effing cheap.

I've always liked their Rogge (rye) jenever, both when it was marketed as Janssens and now as Nieuwe Diep. I treated myself to a couple of the 3 year. Spicy, complex and with that alcoholy kick which is the whole point of spirits.

Almost forgot. They have the full Schlenkerla range it bottles. I reckon €5 a pop for a half litre of Eiche isn't a bad deal. But don't expect to find any Eiche there now. I finished off their stock. No more until next year.

Pleasant, simple a really nice pub. And sort of in the Red Light district. Those red curtains on the upstairs windows are a bit of a giveaway.  But in a strangely quiet spot, despite being just 50 metres from Damstraat (technically Oude Doelenstraat at that point).

Who could fail to love this poster?

Or these windows?

A dead handy addition to the pub scene here. The one I've got most excited about for a while. Cynical old bastard that I am. And look: there's a doctor telling me I should drink beer. Who am I to argue?

't Kelkje
Ouderzijds Achterburgwal 164.
1012 DW Amsterdam.

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