Thursday, 21 January 2016

Random modern Dutch beers (part 92)

It's Sunday afternoon, dinner is in the oven and I've a chance to catch my breath. And pester you with another brace of random beer reviews.

I'm surprised at how popular these posts are. Just yesterday, someone urged me to continue: "Much better than all that boring history stuff." I've taken note. There will be loads more. I have to drink all the beers on the floor behind me. Dolores was very clear on that point. And quickly.

Speaking of Dolores, she picked this one up for me. In local supermarket, Deen. The chain is based in Noord Holland, and over Christmas they sold a surprising number of beers from the province.

Wispe is the old name for Weesp, where the brewery is located. It's a a bit East of Amsterdam, but still in Noord Holland. It seems they do have a working brewery in the town.

Wispe Tripel 8% ABV
A clear golden colour. Suspiciously clear, as I emptied in the whole contents. Not bottle-conditioned, as I'd expect a Tripel to be. (These tasting notes might be a bit dodgy. Dolores is frying bacon for Alexei's breakfast sandwich just a few feet away.) Smells spicy and orangey (and bacony). A loose head, despite my frantic defrothing. Light fruitiness, a murmur of hops, indistinct in the background, like the conversations of the kids next door. Except not in Dutch. On the positive side, it has no nasty off flavours. But it's rather bland for the style and strength. I rather like the brash and abrasive Westmalle take. This is more like a calmed-down Affligem. Undoubtedly drinkable.

Andrew has reminded me that I said I wouldn't blog beer reviews.

"They aren't reviews. They're word sketches, describing my impressions."

"That sounds like a review to me, Dad. You won't fool anyone."

"A review is a considered, coherent and structured appraisal of something. My word sketches clearly don't fall into that category."

"Have you ever looked at the reviews of BeerAdvocate and RateBeer, Dad?"

"They're by amateurs. I have higher standards."

"I don't see you earning a living from writing. Mum says it costs us money."

"Don't you have some games to play upstairs, Andrew? I'm just going to listen to some Hendrix on my headphones"

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Anonymous said...

I like the beer reviews, but absolutely love the bar reviews, even though they are of places I'll never go. So if you're looking for anoher excuse to drink, think of going out too. Budget and time permitting, of course. And take lots of photos.