Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Manchester next week

Me doing that talking thing I do. Some people seem to like it. I do, but then I'm biased. Always loved the sound of my own voice. Apart from when I'm screaming in pain, obviously.

Saturday 29th August at 19:30, I'll be making a rare UK appearance. Discussing the brewing of vintage beer. A topic I can bollock on about pretty much indefinitely. And do. Quite often. I think to good effect, But come along and form your own opinion.

You can learn more here:

My excellent book will be available for purchase and signing. Though, if you don't buy the book on the day, there will be a £100 signing fee*.

I've been promised Mild, but feel free to bring along your own to ply me with.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer

* I need to keep my children supplied with rum and vodka.


John Clarke said...

I have my ticket.

Bill said...

I'll sell you my signed copy for half that. Now my signed copy of "Numbers" will cost you more, that's a rare volume.

J. Karanka said...

Any chance to make it to the Cardiff Brewfest same weekend? I guess no, but let know if you ever head this way

Ron Pattinson said...

J. Karanka,

not a chance in hell, I'm afraid. I wouldn't mind visiting Cardiff again. Myabe I should try finding an excuse.