Sunday, 30 August 2015

Colbitzer beers

Here’s another DDR brewery and its beers. This is so much fun. A way of using all those DDR labels I recently picked up.

Colbitz is in Sachsen-Anhalt, about 10 km North of Magdeburg. The brewery was founded as the Colbitzer Brauerei in 1879 by Friedrich-Christoph Ritter. In 1959 it was partially nationalised and in 1972 fully nationalised. In 1991 it was returned to the family that formerly owned it. The brewery is still active.

There’s a little on their website about the beers brewed in the late 19th-century. I’m pretty sure they’ve got the top- and bottom-fermented beers the wrong way around. It reckons these were top-fermented: helles Lagerbier, Doppelmärzen, Doppelmärzen-Bock and Malzbier. And these bottom-fermented: Weißbier and Braunbier “Puparsch-Knall”.

Jumping forwards more than 100 years, this is their current beer range:

Cannewitzer beers in 2015
Beer style OG Plato ABV
Colbitzer Pils Pilsner 11.2 4.90%
Colbitzer Bock Bock 16.8 7.10%
Colbitzer Dunkel Dunkles 11.25 4.90%
Colbitzer Edel Helles 11.25 4.90%
Colbitzer website

Next are their beers from the DDR period, in the form of labels. Unsurprisingly, Bock and Pilsner are constants:


kaiserhog said...

Ron: I would love to hear the history of Radeberger Brewery outside of Dresden. It is still running today and it is (along with Paulaner)my favorite German import.

Unknown said...

Just bought 12 cans of Colbitzer in Mass for $12.00. First time sipper, I like this stuff!