Friday, 28 August 2015

Cannewitzer beers

Some more DDR fun, this time in the form of some old labels. Yes, you've guessed it. I can't be arsed to write anything and this is an easy cop out.

Cannewitz is a tiny place which is part of Grimma, a small town to the Southeast of Leipzig. Surprisingly, since the brewery closed in 1999, there are still beers available under the Cannewitzer name. They're brewed at the Glückauf brewery, around 100 km further south, but Still in Saxony.

This the current beer range:

Cannewitzer beers in 2015
Beer style OG Plato ABV
Cannewitzer "Nerchauer Pumpernickel" Schwarzbier 11.7º 4.9%
Cannewitzer Pilsner Pilsner 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer Bock Bock 16.2º 5.9%
Cannewitzer "Gold Quell" Hell Helles 11.7º 4.9%
Wurzener Ringelnatz Pils 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer "Wilder Robert" Pilsner Pils 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer „Disco Cola“ Cola - 0%
Cannewitzer website

Looks to me like there are only really four beers as the three Pilsners look remarkably similar. Who wouldn't want to drink something called Disco Cola?

This is what they usede to brew:

Three beers have the same name as DDR-period brews. Though the Nerchauer Pumpernickel has transformed itself from Pilsator to Schwarzbier.

I may continue this series. Depending on how easy it is. And if there's some audience interest. Though the latter is optional.

Klaus Fruchtsäfte & Cannewitzer Biere
Apfelweg 11,
04808 Wurzen.
Tel: (0 34 25) 81 35 95
Fax: (0 34 25) 81 66 97

Hauptstraße 176,
09355 Gersdorf.

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Barm said...

I’d expect a beer called Pumpernickel to be black, too. Not surprised they changed it. When Schierling brought out their Roggenbier I’m sure they praised it as “a beer like black bread” in the early days.

Interesting to note that the Doppel-Caramel was “hefetrüb”. I wonder why that was done?