Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Berlin Beer Festival

I'll be in Berlin for the beer festival next month.

Anyone know of any pubs that have opened in the last couple of years that I shouldn't miss?


Elektrolurch said...

The craft scene exploded the last years.
If you have time, I would definitely visit Heidenpeters at Markthalle Neun. They always have a guest beer and some of his own creations. After you've been to the US so often and have seen their craft scene, I'd love to hear what you think about this place..It is modern german craft,which means Pale Ale and sometimes even non RHG beers. It is not really a traditional pub, it is some places to sit and a bar, crammed inside a hipster indoor market. Lots of nice food there as well.
With most new "craft beer bars", I personally would not bother. I was kind of annoyed by the likes of hopfenreich- kinda expensive, too US inspired in style, shallow selection, uninformed staff, weird atmosphere, not my style. Though at Hopfenreich,they sometimes have Mahrs U.

John Coates said...

Heidenpeters for sure! I can introduce you if you like.

I would also check Herman for Belgian beer and Hopfen und Malz which is an outstanding German bottle shop (just drink on the street). There are a few others but I think it would be best if you get in touch with Rory Lawton. I can introduce you. We actually met in New York 6+ months ago with Ashok.

Rory said...

Ron, welcome to Berlin.

This map may be useful: http://www.berlincraftbeer.com/berlin-craft-beer-map/
(Inspired by a certain europeanbeerguide.net...)

I'd be delighted to give you additional pointers, depending on what you are interested in.
e.g. I saw references to Bogk and Schlutheiss in your recent Berliner Weisse prsentation. In case you have not tried them, you may be interested in Brewbaker's bottled Berliner Weisse / Jahrgangs Weisse, the version from the Meierei in Potsdam or the Potsdamer Weisse from Braumanufaktur Potsdam.


Ron Pattinson said...


Heidenpeters looks interesting. Thanks.

Ron Pattinson said...

John Coates,

an introduction to Heidenpeters would be nice.

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm definitely interested in trying as much Berliner Weisse as I can. Bit of an obsession of mine.

That map will come in dead handy.