Friday, 20 March 2015

London book signing

Just realised that I've forgotten to remind you of my one-off London event. Where, along with trying to persuade you to invest in my wonderful new book, I'll be sampling the first of my collaboration beers with Peter Hayden and talking about any sort of crap you'd like me to. I'm a bit of a tart that way.

I'm really looking forward to trying the beer, Doctor Brown. It's a Barclay Perkins Brown Ale from the 1920's. (I can't remember the exact year off the top of my head.)

Come along and chat, buy my book and thrust beer upon me. Not necessarily in that order. It's my only planned apopearance in London this year so it may be your only chance to hear just how little of aan East Midlands accent I've retained.

It's on Saturday 28th March, 15:00 to 18:00 at the The Mad Bishop and Bear in Paddington station.

The Mad Bishop & Bear
1st Floor,
Paddington Station,
London W2 1HB.

*The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer

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BryanB said...

I'm sorry I'll miss it - I should be driving through NL about then, heading east...