Monday, 23 March 2015

Edinburgh last week - part three

Let's start with breakfast.

CJ's Cafe
137 - 139 Dalry Road,

Love me them square sausages. Five quid that lot cost.

Firstr pint of the day.

Dirty Dick's Bar
Rose Street,
Midlothian EH2 4LS.

Pint number two - though we did walk in and out of several pubs that didn't sell Strongbow.

Rose & Crown
170 Rose Street,
West End,
Edinburgh EH2 4BA.

Time for some London murky.

The Black Cat
168 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4BA.

"It's because they don't filter it."

It was the one on the left:

On to somewhere where the beer was clear.

The Kenilworth
152-154 Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 3JD.

Time for Wetherspoons.

The Standing Order
62-66 George St,
Midlothian EH2 2LR.

Random pub now:

Auld Hundred
100 Rose Street South Lane.
Midlothian EH2 2NN.

Time to eat.

The Amber Rose
22-26 Castle Street/Rose Street,
Edinburgh EH2 4LS.

Au Bar
101 Shandwick Place,
Midlothian EH2 4SD.

And finally back to:

Dickens Lounge Bar
88 Dalry Road,
Midlothian EH11 2AX.


Alan said...

Lovely. The Standing Order was where I learned of all the rule one needs to follow to get a beer from a 'spoons. Walked out still dry and moved on to better spots nearby. Did I miss anything?

Gary Gillman said...

Aye, a bonnie glass of hazy, Alba Haar you might call it. :)

That bacon is exactly like our Ontario back bacon, to a t. (I suppose it's rather the reverse, actually). I used to know a butcher in Scarborough, Toronto who sold all the meat components of that grill. He called the square sausage "Lorne" (and a more counter-intuitive story of its origin is hard to imagine).

All hail to the pubs of Edinburgh, I hope they still carry that rich Navy rum that made a good nightcap after the pints.


Ron Pattinson said...


you missed some interesting beers and cheap prices.

oldgeezer said...

The Oak king beer is a German hefeweisse style ale brewed by Welsh/Scots collaboration so you would not expect it to be clear.London murky it isn't.

Ron Pattinson said...

Old Geezer,

it didn't taste even vaguely like a Hefeweizen. And was sludgier than any German Hefeweizen I've had.

It's a weird strength for a Hefeweizen, too.