Thursday, 19 March 2015

Edinburgh last weekend - part one

Lazy, busy, bored or just not positively arsed? Who knows. My mind is a funny place. I prefer not to open too many cupboards.

New format this time. Not sure why. As I mentioned, there are parts of my head I don't feel comfortable in. Unlike pubs others call dangerous. (We'll come to that in part two.) New format - pub details then snaps.

Ryries Bar
1 Haymarket Terrace,
Edinburgh EH12 5EY.

The Haymarket Bar
11-14a West Maitland Street,
Edinburgh EH12 5DS.

The Mercat Bar and Kitchen
28 W Maitland St.,
Midlothian EH12 5DX.

No pictures of this one. The reason is available on application. One for the kids instead.

Oak Inn
108 Saint John's Road,
Edinburgh EH12 8AX.

3-5 Rose Street,
Midlothian EH2 2PR.

I'll tell you something of beer I drank. There was lots of it. In lots of different colours. Of varying degrees of quality and interest. But I'll not bore you with the details of every stab wound in a day-long knife fight.

OK. I give in. I'll tell you of one stream flowing into the weekend's river of beer. The one in the glass close-up above. That's a Cameron's 150.


StuartP said...

Ooo look -
An Edinburgh tram!
They only cost slightly more than the space shuttle. Do the go all the way to Leith yet?

Gary Gillman said...

Excellent images which brought back my one and only trip to Scotland some 20 years ago. However, more than an echo of Scottish cityscapes can be seen right here in Ontario, Canada:

This is the Scots-founded town of Fergus. After a pint of two of Scotland's best you could mistake the Canuck version for the real thing...