Thursday, 3 July 2014

Finish off the USA?

I been doing me some thinking. Always dangerous, that. With my trips for far this year I've done the East Coast, California and a bit of the Mid-West. That's a fair bit of the US.

The though is this: why don't I finish off the job. If I did Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, that would be most of the country covered. So I'm thinking Denver, Portland and Seattle. Should be do-able in a week or so. Around the middle of September is a possible date.

Live in one of those towns? E-mail me if you're interested in hosting some sort of talk/book-pimping event. Or if you're a brewer and fancy making a collaboration brew. I'm open to any reasonable suggestion.

I can't neglect this chance to plug my book.

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer.


Dan Klingman said...

Just a suggestion that you do the Great American Beer Festival in Denver the weekend of 3 Oct. You might find it interesting, with over 500 US breweries represented in one convention center.

kaiserhog said...

Ron: You should really try touring the Southern United States. The beer scene is exploding here. I would start off Asheville North Carolina, Charlottesville Virginia, and Charleston South Carolina. I should probably mention Atlanta.

Texas should be mentioned but it is so big that is probably a separate trip.

Acataleptic said...

I'm all for hearing your talk on Brett in Vintage Beers somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area . Russian River might sponsor an event. Maybe talk with Vinnie.

Or maybe Oregon Brewers Festival. They've invited eleven brewers from the Netherlands plus one from Germany to send over their beer to be featured in the festival’s Specialty Tent, an area where an additional four-dozen vintage, barrel aged, blends and esoteric one-offs are offered. The festival is also flying over the European brewers, who will be available for daily meet the brewer sessions at the event.

Too Much fun!

I'm currently drinking my second batch of Grodziskie thanks to your championing the style! Absolutely delicious!