Friday, 22 March 2013

Plantation News

Extract of a letter from one of the Workmen under the Governor of Nova Scotia, to hit Mother, dated August 21, 1749 at Halifax.

Dear Mother,

These few Lines are to acquaint you of our safe Arrival at our new Settlement at Halifax, in Nova Stcnia. We had a most delightful Passage, not having so much at one Person die on board us ; and as to this Place, there is not its Fellow in the World, for a Man may catch as much Fish in two Hours as will serve six or seven People a whole Week, such as Cod, Hallebut, Turbut, Salmon, Skait, Haddock and Lobsters, and they lie as thick as the Stones in Cheapside, so that Billingsgate is but a Fish-stall in Comparison to it: And as to Fruit, we have Plenty of Limes, Peaches, Apricots, Rasberries, Strawberries, all wild. We have got good Rum at 3s. a Gallon, and Red and White Port a Shilling a Bottle; but there is one Thing wanting, which is, a Pot of good London Porter and Purl."
Newcastle Courant - Saturday 21 October 1749, page 1.

A passage so good not even one person died.


Oblivious said...

Purl "To flow with a murmuring sound in swirls and eddies."

I presume he miss the pub conversation and London porter?

Ron Pattinson said...


Purl was a beer cocktail:

"Purl, or Early Birds.—Heat a quart of ale, mixed with a tablespoonful of powdered ginger and nutmeg; whisk up with a gill of cold ale and 2 oz. moist sugar 3 fresh eggs; when well frothed up, add the warm ale, by degrees, and a glass of spirits; when this is done, drink immediately."