Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mild! plus

You know what I haven't done for a while? Push one of my amateur books. I'd say self-published, but they're oh so much more than that. Self just about everythinged.

I'll be honest with you about why I'm promoting this book now. I think it's a book every beer-lover should own. And there are definitely a few of you who don't own it yet. This blog has more than four readers. The number's in double figures almost every single day. There must be a vast untapped market for the best book about Mild Ale ever written.

"Mild! plus" is 350 pages plus of fun* and facts, recipes and tables, numbers, numbers, terrible jokes and yet more numbers.

You've a choice of delightful formats: physical paper

or ethereal ebook

Buy "Mild! plus" now in one format or another.

* Interpretations of what constitutes "fun" may vary.


Arctic Alchemy said...

I have Mild ! volume III , I guess this is the improved model ?

If so, I will buy it so long as it helps Andrew and Lexi in some way.

Ron Pattinson said...

Arctic, this is the expanded version.

Arctic Alchemy said...

Thanks Ron,

Your post encouraged me to buy , Mild (expanded) , and also Scotland ! , and Number's ! . Now go get those kids a pack of crisps !

aaron brown said...

this post led to a sale.