Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lager Beer at the German Exhibition

It's funny the things you come across when you search for "Lager Beer"
Mr. Gustav von Bargen was summoned at West London police court yesterday, for selling lager beer brewed at Tottenham, in the German exhibition, as "Pschorr beer," brewed at Munich, in Germany. Mr. Applin the secretary of the exhibition, was also summoned, he being the holder of a license for the sale of beer. The magistrate's attention was called to the summonses, and an application made for leave to withdraw them.

Mr. Forrest Fulton, M.P., applied for costs on behalf of Mr. Applin, for whom he apeared, as he submitted that he ought not to have been summoned. He said Mr. Applin held the license from the justices, it being necessary to license somebody, and he had taken every precauion that was necessary. He had nothing whatever to do with the sale of the beer.

Counsel for the complaiinant, Mr. Albert Möchrchen, resisted the application for costs, on the ground that loads of the beer had been imported to the exhibition. He said that Mr. Applin, being the licensee, was responsible for the acts of his servants, and ought to have been aware of the sale.

Mr. Fulton said he (the solicitor) was in error: - Mr. Applin was summoned for an infringement under the Merchandise Marks Act, which protected him if reasonable precautions were taken He asked for costs to show that Mr. Applin was not a party to  the proceedings.

Mr.Plowden; having intimated that he must proceed to hear the case, the solciitor said. he could not go on with it as his witnesses were not present. With respect to Mr. Von Bargen, who was absent, Mr. Fulton said Mr. Applin would enforce his right, as there had been a breach of the agreement.

The summons against Mr. Von Bargen was withdrawn, and Mr. Plowden dismissed the summons against Mr. Applin with two guineas costs."
Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper - Sunday 23 August 1891, page 10.

Those cheating bastards, selling Tottenham Lager as Pschorr. Though that does tell us that the Austro-Bavarian Lager Beer Brewery (the only Lager beer brewery I know of in Tottenham) must have been brewing dark Lager to pass it off as Pschorr. This is when all Munich Lager was still dark.

Who was Mr. Möchrchen representing? Probably the Pschorr brewery. They wouldn't have been the only contitnental brewer who brought fraud prceeding in Britain for people selling someone else's beer under their name.

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