Thursday, 24 June 2010

Impulse Schnapps

Ever noticed what German supermarkets have next to the tills? Yes, the usual sweets and fags. But there's another impulse item that attracts my attention: impulse schnapps.

10 cl bottles of various cheapo spirits. Chantré Weinbrand is a popular one. And Kirschwasser. I usually go for Chantré because it sounds classier. It's that acute accent. ("Oh what a cute accent." That's what people used to say to me in New York. That and "Pardon, what did you say?" or "Could you repeat that, please?")

It's the same at German stations. The food shops and kiosks always have a good stock of impulse schnapps on hand. Handy for the thirsty traveller. I'm sure the finger-waggers of Anglo-Saxon (or Nordic) societies would have a fit.

I love Germany.


Velky Al said...

one of the things I miss from Prague was seeing the manual workers necking shots of tuzemsky rum, Fernet or Becherovka over their pints of lezak a 6 in the morning.

DrJohn said...


DaveJ said...

I understand the finger wagging. I was recently traveling by rail in England and had a brew on the train. It went down nicely and I happened to have another, so I opened it up. At that point the guy sitting across from me said "So, you're going to have the second one then?" and promptly got up and walked away. I was traveling alone and behaving myself - WTF?