Friday, 26 December 2008

Is it time to look back yet?

It's Boxing Day (or Thumping Day as I tell Lexie). Is it too soon to start looking back on the year yet? Naaaaaah. It's never too soon to look back.

Another year has passed disturbingly speedily, but without any serious injury. To me, at least. Just that toe-breaking incident. But that's almost too insignificant to mention. In many ways, a very productive year. At least in terms of number of words produced. I haven't counted them, but it's a couple of hundred thousand, minimum.

I doubt I'll write as much next year. More commitments. It would be nice to get the book finished. I reckon I've got around 400 pages done. So almost half way.

And remember my Mini Book Series? That's now more than 50% complete. I finished "War!" yesterday. "Trips!" is already started. No-one has successfully guessed its theme yet. Remember there's a dully glinting metallic cluster of death for the first correct guess. Sorry, a nice shiny copy of the book. The metallic cluster of death is for someone else.

I was going to post about Whitbread bottled beer sales by type today. But I couldn't be arsed to to transpose all the numbers. Perhaps tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'll try,

"Trips" is about listing the best pubs of some countries, maybe the countries mentionned on your web-site?:)

And "War" is about beer, the ingredients, the production and the changes during the 2 World Wars.

Am I right?

Gary Gillman said...

I'll try again, re Trips.

Common misconceptions about beer set right.


Ron Pattinson said...

ealusceop, close, but noy quite right on "Trips!". "War!" had already been guessed, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Ok... so the trips you made, the list of the best pubs you had seen in all your travels?

Andrew Elliott said...

Perhaps "Trips" is more about a more convenient grouping of suggested travel destinations. For example: I am visiting Köln, so a convenient grouping of places to visit would be Alter Markt Treff, Kulisse, and Pfaffen. Similar to the Europen Beer Guide, but portable and able to make trip planning easier and more efficient.

Ron Pattinson said...

Andrew Elliott, that's close enough.

"Trips" is a collection of pub guides and Cologne is chapter one.

Congratulations. You've won a copy of "Trips!"

Andrew Elliott said...

Awesome! Thanks Ron! I look forward to putting the book to good use when I return to Aachen, with a visit to Köln and other cities of course, in the coming year.