Thursday, 18 December 2008


I'm so prolific. One book (well, mini book) off to publisher yesterday and I've already half-finished three more.

I'm not sure many have understood my Mini Book Series. It took Mike four explanations to grasp the concept. And he's not that slow. So I'll run through it once more.

My Mini Book Series is, believe it or not, a series of books.I'm compiling a series of 11 books. Not writing, but compiling. I wouldn't have the time to write ten books* in whatever length of time it takes me to roughly sew them together. Stuff I've published in my blog or website that you hoped you'd seen the last of. No such luck.

Over the next whatever, I'll be getting eleven books vanity printed. That's when you pay to have your book published.In a way, most of the web is vanity publishing. So why should I feel embarrassed about indulging in a little physical vanity publishing?

To keep it interesting (and to save me dosh), there only be 10 of each volume printed. They won't be for sale..The only way you'll get one, is if I give it to you. Unless some ungrateful bastard doesn't hang on to it. Then there'll be a name crossed off my christmas card list. If I find out.

As always, my motivation is selfish. Not just vanity, though I'm certain there's a full pudding with custard of that in there. Each book contains something I wanted to have in one place, for my own reference. Finding where things are in my blog is harder than I imagined. I shouldn't write so much. “Stuff I didn't want to lose track of is” the theme.

As I write this I have, I have ten titles. “Can we go home now?”, “Decoction!”, “Mild!”, “Numbers!”, "War!", “Destroy the evidence!”, "Trips", "Brown Beer", “Unreadable” and “Dutch Pub Guide”. These may change. Depending on my holiday plans. A printed guide can be really handy when you're in a foreign city.

All the books will be numbered in my own fair hand. Except volume I, “The Amsterdam Pub Guide”, where I forgot to number and sign some copies. I keep one of each volume. And no, it won't necessarily be number one.

Is that clear?

Still no-one has guessed the theme of volume II, "Can we go home now". I thought it was easy.

* One of the eleven is already nailed together, printed and mostly handed out.


Dale said...

The theme of volume II, "Can we go home now": Trips

Korev said...

So I guess can we go home now refers to Barclay Perkins?

Gary Gillman said...

An outline of closing hour legislation and related practices?


Anonymous said...

The second theme:

Childrens and the Pub

Joe said...

So I guess there will be no forthcoming volume titled, "Wikipedia and the BJCP"?

Or maybe that's what "War!" is about.

Knut Albert said...

"Unreadable" could be about figuring out the handwriting in all the old brewery books". "War" about the changes in the recipes during WWI and WW2. The trips would be excursions around Belgium.

Merry Christmas!

Ron Pattinson said...

Knut, well done! You got one of right. "War!" is indeed about the turmoil of WW I and WW II. You'll be receiving a copy of the book. Just as soon as I've compiled and printed it.

Martín G. Ramis said...

lo siento, me equivocado de blog.