Thursday, 18 December 2008

Herberg Hooghoudt

Now I have a little time again, due to my enforced holiday, I've chance to look at some new pubs for my Amsterdam Pub Guide. Yesterday, it was the turn of Herberg Hooghoudt.

Some of Amsterdam's best pubs are jenever bars. Mike's been pestering to visit Herberg Hooghoudt for the last couple of months. The awkward opening times meant we hadn't managed to get there soon. Soon after Mike found it in the Brandslang leaflet.

It's slightly discouraging that tables set for diners are elbowing to one side thos for drinkers. Maybe it really is more of a restaurant than a pub.

I almost forgot to mention the most important feature: draught korenwijn. From an oak barrel. Not sure how long the korenwijn's been in the barrel, but it still looks impressive.

Mike wants to talk about Inspector Morse, so no time to take any more notes. Sorry.

I'm back. Mike is chatting to the barman about oude jenever. There is a downside. No decent jenevers other than the draught one. Presumably because that's all the distillery that owns them makes.

On the beer front, they've Brand Pils, Brand Urtyp and two guests on draught plus half a dozen bottles.

Herberg Hooghoudt
Reguliersgracht 11
1017 LJ Amsterdam
Tel. 020-4204041

Opening times
Tue - Sat 17:00 -

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