Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Copenhagen festival

Before yesterday's beer tour*, I grabbed a quick beer with anti-American Mike. He had good news. He's found us rooms in Copenhagen. And only 40 euros a night. Well done, Mike.

We're off to Copenhagen for the first European Beer Festival in September. It should be a great event, with the best beers from across Europe. Up until now, the large European festivals have mostly represented a single country. Some, such as the Great British Beer Festival, have featured foreign beers for many years. But it's only a small percentage of the total. Even the Berlin International Beer Festival has a majority of German beers.

The only exception I can think of is the small, but perfectly-formed, Bruxellensis. Also held in September. I must check if it clashes with the Copenhagen festival**. It would be a shame if it did. My kids are keen on revisiting it. They liked the food.

I'm uncertain if I'll be able to cram in everything I would like to do in Copenhagen into just two days. It's a great city. With many wonderful pubs, including Mike's favourite, plan-b. You can tell it's a modern sort of place by its eschewing of capital letters. But don't let that put you off. The idiosyncratic and eclectic beer selection is unrivalled. I've been to plenty of places with a far greater number on their menu, but none with as many unexpected treats.

Tatoverede Enke is another must. A beer cuisine restaurant that rivals the best in Belgium. And which has a pretty good beer range, too. Also on the list is BrewPub. Last time I was in the city I planned to visit it on Sunday, forgetting it doesn't open that day. I want to get to Ølbutikken as well, a beer boutique bulging with delights. Pegasus is another stylish beer bar that warrants a return visit. Sounds like I won't have much time left over for the festival itself.

Let me know if you'll be going to the festival. I might have a spare five minutes to chat. You'll have no trouble finding me. I'll be standing next to Mike.

*The beer tour was good fun, by the way. A very pleasant couple from Kansas City. And I was in bed by midnight. Very important with an 8-hour shift today.

**I've just checked. They do clash. The kids are heartbroken.


Thomas said...

I'll be along to Copenhagen. The Beer Nut has very kindly offered to take care of me while there and impart his mastery of beer festival survival.

Anonymous said...

Plan is for me to be there too. You'll have no problem finding me anyway. :o)

Anonymous said...

Bruxellensis - best beer festival food ever... by a mile. I still dream about it.

The Beer Nut said...

It's Thom's naïvity that I love about him the most.

Yes, I shall be at the Copenhagen gig, with a fairly large Irish contingent, as it happens. 7 of us so far.

Anonymous said...

Beer Fest survival ? hmmm, simple...

- keep your cool. You'll never manage to taste the lot anyway. So don't put pressure on yourself, and enjoy the moment. If you're in a group, co-ordinate your efforts and taste stuff from one another's glass...

- Eat enough. Slow carbohydrates (pasta, wholemeal bread etc.) with some protein work well, but watch the fat intake. Beware of sugar too.

- Drink water before and during the festival (between beers). Do drink water, but don't overdo it afterwards, you don't want to be awoken by a bursting bladder at 3 AM.

- Doping may be useful in alleviating morning after symptoms. I use plant extracts : mary thistle extract *taken preventively* is a good liver protector. Artichoke extract helps liver and gall bladder afterwards.

Good footwear is essential, even for indoor events. Between glass shards, slippery/sticky beer spillages and standing all evening, your feet may suffer badly if wearing the wrong shoes.

Cheers !


Ron Pattinson said...

Looking forward to seeing you all there. For as long as I'm still able to see.