Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Berliner Weisse (almost)

I've got another text describing how to make Berliner Weisse. Long and detailed. And a good bit older.

The translation is almost complete. But almost isn't much use for posting purposes. I could tell you soime of the best bits, I suppose, and spoil it for you. There's no mention of bacteria. But plenty of scope - given the equipment they used - for it to get into the beer unintentionally. The mashing - that's weird too. Some bizarre decoction, where they boil part of the wort with the hops then tip it back into the mash tun.

I won't tell you any more now. I'd have nothing to write tomorrow. Märzen-Weisse. I've found more about that, too. In another book. So much to translate, so little time. Be patient.


Superfecta said...

Märzen-Weisse -- can't wait to read about that. As an archivist and beer geek, I salute you for using primary sources!

Kristen England said...

I found a similar technique as you describe. Mash hopped and single decocted for about an hour. This would give you your IBU's. Back into the tun for a rest and then right to fermentation without boiling. Thats the short version anyway.