Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Barclay Perkins IBSt

Yesterday wasn't just a beer delivery. It was also a chance to discuss future brewing projects with Menno. Handily, I had a bottle of Barclay Perkins IBSt for him to try (thanks again Lachlan).

There's good news and bad news. Good news is that Menno wants to brew Barclay Perkins IBSt. Bad news is that the brown malt hasn't been delivered yet. Until it is, the IBSt will have to wait. That's not such a problem for me. I have, quite literally, a pile of Whitbread 1914 beers to drink (see the photo in my previous post).

Whever I visit De Molen, Menno plies me with one wonderful beer after another. My attempt at returning the favour was less than a 100% success. After his reaction to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, I was pleased that the Guinness beers didn't top my poll. Even worse, the Harvey's Imperial Stout was corked and the Jamaican Guinness FES oxidised to undrinkability (maybe you might have enjoyed it, Mike). At least the 1992 Courage Russian Stout, although oxidised, was still showing its class.

Between sampling my below-par beer offerings, we kicked about a few ideas. The GBBF was mentioned and the possibility of a cask-conditioned recreation. I'm quite keen on the idea. Many post-1918 recipes are too weak for bottle-conditioning, but perfect for cask. Time for another poll.

These are the probable choices:

  1. 1901 Whitbread IPA
  2. 1910 Whitbread X Ale
  3. 1923 Whitbread KK
  4. 1933 Whitbread XXX
  5. 1933 Whitbread Double Brown
  6. 1952 Whitbread Extra Stout
  7. 1914 Barclay Perkins X Ale
  8. 1936 Barclay Perkins XX Ale
  9. 1936 Barclay Perkins KK

There's no guarantee that the winner will be at the GBBF. Or even be brewed, for that matter. I'll do my best, that's all I can promise.


Stonch said...

At the GBBF you will benefit from the fact your beer would be served on the International Bar. That's where most of the beer fanatics seem to camp out anyway, and the staff there are very switched on.

Kristen England said...

I dont think I've ever had a Harveys RIS that wasn't corked. Have any of you guys? Seriously, time to for go the cork and go for the crown, history is great but if you can't enjoy it whats the point. As for the Jamacian Guinness FES, I can confirm this beer is wonderful as I have just gotten back from Jamaica last month and drank a crap tonne of them. I like the Dragon Stout better though.

Ron Pattinson said...

Stonch, sounds perfect. Let's hope it comes off.

Kristen, that was only the second corked bottle of Harvey's RIS I've had (out of around 20).

You've reminded me that I still have a bottle of Dragon Stout somewhere. Guinness used to have their own brewery on Janaica, but it's now brewed at Desnoe and Geddes, like Dragon.