Thursday, 27 March 2008

Authentic, IPA,

I'm not an idiot. (Don't disagree, this is just for purposes of argument.) You notice which words get people all riled up. Authentic and IPA are two of the best. Just look at the discussion here.

"Isn't this just another way of dodging writing a real post?" There are two answers to that. One is truthful. Which do you fancy?

Yes. I've been down the pub. We've all done it. There's a pub with an open door. Suddenly your feet take control. Next thing you know, a pint of Festival Mild and a rogge jenever are staring back from the table. Could you resist? I'm not that strong.

In the tram on the way back I got my mind working. About beer styles, the transitory nature of everything and what I was going to eat for tea. Pasta with some sort of meat sauce. One out of three isn't bad. I'll leave the others for your consideration.

I would love to freeze the world as it is now. Or possibly move it back in time a decade or twelve. But that's not the way things work. Change is inevitable. Not intrinsically good, bad or indifferent. Just inevitable. Celebrate, accept, ignore or deny. It's your choice.


Anonymous said...

Change is inevitable. Not intrinsically good, bad or indifferent. Just inevitable.

How does this apply to Robust Porters? ;)

Ron Pattinson said...

Robust Porters exist in a void, outside the rule of the laws of physics.

The Beer Nut said...

Wasn't a fan of Festival when I encountered it a couple of weeks ago.

I have a jenever question, though. Serving temperature: I've a bottle of bog-standard Oude Genever in the orange clay bottle. What sort of temperature should I be serving it at?

That is to say, is it time I took my Bols out of the freezer?

Ron Pattinson said...

I thought Festival was OK.

Take your Bols out of the freezer. Room temperature is best.

Knut Albert said...

Where does the DDR come into the equation?

Ron Pattinson said...

The DDR was transient, a fleeting glimpse of paradise now lost to history.

cercle said...

That's probably not as ludicrous a statement as you meant to make. Towards the end the DDR was 'wealthy' even by western European standards, the problem was the lack of imported 'luxury goods'. Goods manufactured within the DDR ranged from mediocre to excellent (textiles 'mediocre', ok, shit, engineering [and beer] excellent). Later, before I moved to England, I spent two years in Holland. The last email I got from a lawyer friend their was that sex with animals is now banned by the Dutch government. In 2008. Who most deserves the piss taken?

Ron Pattinson said...

cercle, you've clearly not read much of what I've written. Even though I'm usually taking the piss, this time I wasn't. The DDR was one of my favorite countries.

Take a look at this:

cercle said...

Ron, I've read much of your stuff and enjoyed most of it. I've had a long day and am surfing because my woman is watching 'A Few Good Men' rather than me watching 'Bundesliga Live Rostock v. Wolfsburg' which I'm paying for. I'd a been following Hansa, of course, for old times sake. I meant no offence. I'm just too used to be offended.

PS Can I just say, posting that has taken 00.30.

Stonch said...

The CIA has a file on Pattinson, Ron as thick as Arnie's bicep.

He's on the next rendition flight (which will probably touch down in Britain along the way, so he can drop off some Whitbread 1914 Porter for me while he's at it)

Boak said...

It's not bad blogging to link to other people's posts and discussions. Quite the contrary.