Friday, 23 November 2007

Two of my favourite things

Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews. Bum, it doesn't work for me.

It's been a difficult week. Details bore won't you with. (Construct your own sentence from these five words.) I couldn't say that I was glad to be back in the UK this week. About the only plus point was being able to collect the box of beer that Brewdog had sent to my sister's address. Quite reasonably, they hadn't been up for sending samples to a freeloading blogger in the Netherlands. But a freeloading Dutch blogger with a UK delivery address was fine.

On more than one occasion, I've admitted to being a total tart. Ignore that. I'm honest as the day is short. No, that's not it. I'm as long as the dog is honest.

Barrel ageing. It's all the rage. Until today, I'd only had two and I hadn't cared much for either. Doubts had begun to swell my sad, little brain. Was barrell-ageing just a stupid, pointless fad? (That's a multilingual bad pun that only my scandinavian readers might get.)

In the words of the great poet Neil Diamond, "I'm a believer". I've just cracked a Brewdog Paradox Islay and it's a cracker. It combines two of my Julie Andrews things: Imperial Stout and Islay whisky. Not carcrash but gestalt. Really, dead, dead good. You won't get a precise review, because that's outside this blog's mission statement. You should try it. I seem to have a couple of different versions in my freebie box. Lucky me.

You may have got the impression that I'm a reactionary old twat instinctively opposed to anything new. That is true. Most of the time. Take my endorsement of this beer as an uncharacteristic attack of contemporaneousness. But an honest one.


Anonymous said...

I have only tried the Paradox Islay on cask - not keen - too medicinal. Far better in my opinion is the Thornbridge version - St Petersburg imperial stout (usually 7.7%) matured for a year in an Islay cask and then bottled (at 10.2%). Wonderful stuff.

Zythophile said...

Harviestoun is releasing Ola Dubh, a version of Old Engine Oil aged in ex-Highland Park casks. As a fan of OEO I have to say THAT'S a beer I shall be trying to get hold of asap ...

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

The odd occasion Old Engine Oil has made it out here it has tasted fantastic.

Imperial Stouts on draft always seem like a slightly wasted opportunity to me, its a style that really benefits from having some bottle age on.