Sunday, 11 November 2007

Parenting a beer obsessive

I never got to share a beer with my dad down the pub. He died when I was 14. It's one of my greatest regrets. Maybe that's why I'm so keen on taking my own kids to the pub.

Mum and I shared plenty of pub time. From Montego Bay to Sydney. But I only ever saw her tipsy once - after drinking rum punch in Kingston. Tea was her drink of choice. Rum and black, on a special occasion.

Being the mother of a beer obsessive isn't easy. I should know. I dragged my poor mother around so many smoky pubs. She rarely grumbled, even though her asthma left her gasping for breath. "Ronald, don't you think you've had enough?" That was her catchphrase. "Just one more, mum, then we can go." That's what I want to say to her now: "Just one more, mum, before you go."

I didn't get that last beer with her. But I'll drink every beer now as if it were that one lost last beer with mum. This sip's for you, mum. I'll be thinking of you every time I lift a glass. And when my feet become unsteady, I'll hear your gently chiding voice: "Ronald, don't you think it's time to go?" And you'll be right, as you always were.

I don't believe in god. Or heaven. But if there's one person whe deserves heaven, it's my mum. I hope I'm wrong and she's sitting there now, smiling down at me. And saying "Ronald, ............"


The Magic Man said...

I've been skimming through your posts here and I thought this a perfect place to start to reply to your posts.

I am person who loves beer, as I can tell you do. And one of the things I love about beer is that it seems to be a drink that grows relationships. While whiskey is a loners drink and rum for an anonymous party, beer is for everyday people who love each other as friends and family do. I am blown away at how much love is evident between you and your mum through your words.

And even if you don't believe in god or heaven you can believe that your mother lives in your memories and now in mine for you having shared them. And to think of the permanence of the soul in a scientific way consider the laws of conservation of energy and the laws of thermodynamics, the soul or essence is often called the living energy (especially in eastern thought) and we all know that energy cannot be destroyed it just changes state.

Bier-Mania!™ Cultural Beer Tours said...

That is awesome.
Very touching mate.

Stonch said...

Touching indeed, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us as always.


Alan said...

Those are great recollections, Ron. I agree with Stonch - thanks for sharing.

Stephen Lacey said...

Wow! Great post. A follow-up post with a twist on the list item ... that's raising the ante, Ron. Or maybe this was just a one-off that you didn't want to pass up. Glad you didn't.