Thursday, 1 November 2007

I want to commission beers to be professionally brewed

Don't be obvious. Approach subjects obliquely. That's what my creative writing tutor would have told me, if I hadn't left school at 13 to be become a merchant seaman.

Being semi-literate hasn't stopped me fantasising about creative writing classes. Amongst other things. (No. Not that, you dirty-minded bastard. Go wash your brain out with soap or I'll tell your mum. A 1942 Newark pub-crawl was my dream.)

More likely, perhaps, than my oversophistication, is the lack of professional brewers amongst you, my loyal readers. I like to think of us as a family - jealous, resentful, bitchy. And incapable of understanding each other.

I want to get a couple of old Whitbread beers professionally brewed. It sounds quite fun to me. And I'll be paying. So is anyone interested?


Alan said...

What is your market? Can it be done anywhere and you have the satisfaction of knowing others are enjoying it?

Ron Pattinson said...

Urm, Europe. Or the US.

Stephen Lacey said...

It's called contract brewing. But if you are paying and "owning" the made beer, you have to decide how to package it, store it, distribute it ...handle tax/excise etc. A bit of a pain. It may be easier to find a sympathetic brewer(y) that you can collaborate with on as a project, but they still own and sell the beer at the end of the process. That is something they are generally quite good at. Selling beer I mean. You'll get kudos at the end for being the geeky fellow who poured through thousands of data and "resurrected a lost style" or something to that effect. They might even give you a few cases of it for nix.

Jez said...

I'd be willing to approach my local brewery here in Indiana (Shoreline Brewery) to see if Sam would be interested in making it. Not sure how you'd get any of it, seeing as how he doesn't bottle, but I sure as hell would enjoy it and think of you every time I drank it.

Andy Holmes said...

Hi Ron, what about asking Francis, I forget her surname, of Elveden Brewery. She's the daughter of Declan, Iceni Brewery. She has an interest in resurrecting old recipes.