Wednesday 5 June 2024

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1975 Youngs Old Nick

Sometime between 1970 and 1975, Youngs dropped their Celebration Ale and replaced it with Old Nick. A pretty similar beer, except with a slightly higher gravity. Still being parti-gyled with Best Malt Ale, the grist remained much the same.

Which means that it’s mostly pale malt, with a touch of crystal malt and flaked maize. Like a typical Mild recipe, which is no surprise. As that’s what it is. The sugars are, again, a combination of Flosweet and DAS. But no CDM.

CDM does appear in the brewing record. But it was all added to the second copper. And Old Nick was 100% first wort, along with a little water to hit the right gravity.

Two types of English hops, as always. Without any indication of variety or harvest year. 

1975 Youngs Old Nick
pale malt 12.25 lb 68.06%
crystal malt 60 L 1.75 lb 9.72%
flaked maize 1.75 lb 9.72%
malt extract 0.50 lb 2.78%
No. 3 invert sugar 1.75 lb 9.72%
Fuggles 105 min 2.00 oz
Goldings 15 min 2.00 oz
OG 1084
FG 1024
ABV 7.94
Apparent attenuation 71.43%
IBU 32
SRM 18
Mash at 149º F
Sparge at 180º F
Boil time 105 minutes
pitching temp 59º F
Yeast WLP002 English Ale

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