Tuesday 24 October 2023

UK Stout adjuncts 1969 - 1973

And here are the adjuncts. The final piece in the grist puzzle. A little unexpected, too.

How disgraceful! Only the Boddington and Truman versions contain roast barley, as a Stout should. Hadn’t the brewers read the style guidelines? (Certainly not.)

It’s interesting that, although there are four different adjuncts, all are types of barley. The roles they play aren’t all the same. The roast being for colour and flavour, the torrefied for head retention, the meal and flakes for economy.

I was surprised at the absence of maize amongst the adjuncts. That was the classic adjunct for the first half of the 20th century. Only disappearing during the two world wars, when it would have needed to be imported.

Which makes it a bit odd that in the 1970s, when there were considerable quantities of maize being grown in the UK, that brewers should eschew it in favour of barley. 

Neither Adnams nor Elgood used any adjuncts at all.

UK Stout adjuncts 1969 - 1973
Year Brewer Beer roast barley flaked barley barley meal torrefied barley total adjuncts
1969 Fremlin Special Stout   8.17%     8.17%
1970 Adnams Double Stout         0.00%
1973 Whitbread Mackeson       9.88% 9.88%
1973 Whitbread Extra Stout       9.88% 9.88%
1971 Boddington WSS 6.98%       6.98%
1969 Truman Stout 9.43%   13.21%   22.64%
1969 Elgood Stout         0.00%
  Average           8.22%
Fremlin brewing record held at the Kent Archives, document number U3555/2/F/Bx2/1/93.
Adnams brewing record held at the brewery.
Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/09/141.
Boddington brewing record held at Manchester Central Library, document number M693/405/134.
Truman Ale book held by Derek Prentice.
Elgood brewing record held at the brewery.


Anonymous said...

For it to be a stout (unless you want a 18th and early 19th century stout porter) isn’t it black malt not roasted barley that is essential.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I think Ron is taking the piss

Anonymous said...

Oh I see where you are coming from.