Monday 23 October 2023


Been having a bit of a lazy day. Not written much. I've just been going through the manuscript slapping makeup on any ugly sentences I come across. And adding the odd bit, here and there.

Nothing to bother the word count much. That isn't the point. It's just a tidying exercise. I'll tackle the tougher tasks when I've more energy. Or inclination. 

One of the big upsides of self-publishing is that there are no deadlines.Other than the ones you make yourself. Of course, the risk then is that you'll never finish anything.

I should have published "Blitzkrieg!" at least a year before I did. I really can't explain why I didn't. Other than lethargy.

Blitzkrieg!, the definitive book on brewing during WW II.

Get your copy now!

The second volume contains the recipes. But not just that. There are also overviews of some of the breweries covered, showing their beers at the start and the end of the conflict.

Buy one now and be the envy of your friends!

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