Thursday 27 July 2023

Want to talk about beer in the 1970s?

After being told many a captivating or informative tale by a brewer, I decided to make sure that this aspect of the brewing industry, the human one, wasn't lost.

I kicked off with the legendary Derek Prentice, knowledge of London brewing is unique. And he has a way better memory than me. I've about two hours of him talking about Truman recorded on Zoom.

My appeal is:

If you've worked in the trade in the 1970s - in a brewery, whatever function, or running or working in a pub. Or, if you were a drinker then and have something to say. If you don't mind being recorded via Zoom (you don't have to show your face if you don't want to). Get in touch via the "Get in touch" gadget in the left margin.

I'm trying to build some sort of oral history archive before people start getting too old.

As for my recording of me and Derek, does someone know a free way to convert speech to text?

Is there someone who would know how to edit my raw video to something useful?


Padraic said...

One easy way to get a transcript is to upload the video to Youtube. You don't have to publish it and the transcript can bs exported in a couple of formats.

Kevin said...

I believe in the Zoom settings there is transcript check box. I'm not sure if it works only during the live Zoom calls or if you can activate it afterwards during a playback. Otherwise there are several Zoom speech to text converters to be found in Google-land.

hawthorne00 said...

This is an excellent project.

Anonymous said...

I know a fella who I drink with on a Friday he can remember Irish beer in the 1960’s and 1970’s as a drinker.