Tuesday 4 April 2023

Tetley cask Mild specifications (part four): boiling

No, I hadn't forgotten about this. Just been a little distracted by memories. And I wanted to give you some rest. Too much of this type of post in a row gets boring. Well, more boring than its already inherent tedium. 

Boiling. A pretty important process. But one which Tetley seems to have standardised. At least amongst its cask beers. The table below is identical to that of Bitter save in one respect. The casting gravity of the first copper is 1080º rather than 1084º. Not exactly a huge difference.

Looking back to 1945, the boiling times were longer: two hours for both the first and second copper. The gravities of the wort at the end of the boil were also quite different, at 1095º for the first copper and 1016º for the second.

A little more Irish moss was added in 1945: 12 oz per quarter of malt. Which works out to 81 oz per 100 barrels, compared to 78 oz per barrel in 1985.

As you would expect, all the sugar went into the second wort. Other than the caramel, which for some reason went in the first.

  1st Copper (270 brls) 2nd Copper (270 brls) Type When Added
a) Addition Sugar NONE ALL Liquid or Crystallised Copper 2/3 full
Caramel ALL NONE Caramel AB Tintose 1A(1045 Before Boil
Hops 50% 50% alpha Acid Target to each Copper After Sugar
Irish Moss 42oz/100 brls. 36oz/100 brls. Dry Granulated 30 mins before casting
Casting gravity 80° 30° - -
b) Boiling Time (mins) 90 90 - -
c) Evaporation (%) 10 10 - -
Tetley Beer and Malt Specifications, 1985, beer page 9.

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