Wednesday 12 April 2023

Help me get to Argentina

It's complicated. My dream to visit Argentina might never come true.

Donate below to make all my dreams come true. In an Argeninaery sort of way.

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Matt said...

I've never been to Argentina either, but my Irish ancestors emigrated to Northern England from, and some of my distant Irish cousins still live around, the small town in County Mayo where the founder of the Argentinian Navy, Admiral Brown, was born. It's quite strange getting off the bus there and seeing his statue with the inscription in English and Spanish, paid for by the Argentinian embassy in Dublin, and photos around the place of Argentinian dignitaries laying wreaths at it and Argentinian warships at anchor in nearby Killala Bay (the other regular international visitors to the town are the French, who come to honour General Humbert whose fleet landed on the coast near it in support of the United Irishmen uprising in 1798).