Friday, 6 January 2023

How to interpret brewing records - part four: remarks and boil

I'm still going with this. I thought I might as well get all the way through explaining this record.

Here we go, then.

First bit is easy.
"3 gallons 6 pint of caramel"

No need to explain that. Not a huge amount across 113 barrels.

Onto the next column "Remarks".
19 cwts Garton's No. 3 Sacc."
That's No. 3 invert sugar. 18 cwts = 9.5 quarters. It appears as "Sacc" in the ingredients.

"Company's liquor treated with 3 oz Kainit per Brl of liquor used; not quite boiled $ allowed to cool down to mshing heat"

Kainit is some sort of potassium salt.

Next column "Tap Samples".
I'm guesssing this is the gravity at the start and end of runoff.

"Time of boiling"
2 hours for each wort.

Next unheaded column: "inch" pre-boil.
For both worts: 21. This is the distance from the top of the liquid to the rim of the vessel in inches.

Next unheaded column: volume pre-boil.
For both worts 79.5 barrels.

Next unheaded column: "inch" post-boil.
This time different for each wort.

Next unheaded column: volume post-boil.
For both worts 70.75and 60 barrels.

The bottom row shows the combined volume of the two worts pre- and post-boil.

Wasn't that fun? No, you're right. It wasn't. Gyling and fermentation next time.

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