Friday, 16 September 2022

Cairnes hops in 1914

Moving on to the hops employed by Cairnes, we can see that there were an awful lot from the USA, specifically Oregon. In most beers, it was 50% Oregon and 50% English. The exception being Single Stout which was 100% Oregon.

I’m sort of assuming the non-Oregon hops were English. They are listed by a grower or dealer’s name which is obviously English. As there were pretty much no hops grown in Ireland, I think we can rule out them being local.

The majority of the hops were from the most recent season. With only Single Stout having older hops. Even then, they were only yearlings. I’ve come across English brewers who used much older hops in general, a majority being more than a year old.

Cairnes hops in 1914
Beer Style OG hop 1 hop 2 hop 3
2d Ale Mild 1038 Oregon 1913 English 1913  
Mild Ale Mild 1062 Oregon 1913 English 1913  
Bitter Ale Pale Ale 1050 Oregon 1913 English 1913  
SS Stout 1050 Oregon 1913 Oregon no date Oregon 1912
DS Stout 1067 Oregon 1913 English 1913  
Cairnes brewing record held at the Guinness archives.

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Martyn Cornell said...

The "Oregons" were most likely Cluster, the most popular hop in the state at that time, although there's an outside change they could be Fuggles.