Friday 9 September 2022

Cairnes hops in 1898

It’s very obvious which country was the main source of hops for Cairnes: England. Not really surprising, seeing as it was right next door and a major hop producer. However, just like brewers in England, they also used North American hops. Which by this point meant West Coast hops.

Most of the hops were very fresh, as these beers were brewed in the autumn of 1898, just a few weeks after the harvest. The rest of the hops were from the year before, so still not that old. The exception being Pacifics from the 1895 season used in Single Stout.

It’s not surprising that Single Stout should have the oldest hops as that was by far the biggest selling beer for Cairnes. In that respect it was filling the same slot as X Ale in England. 

Cairnes hops in 1898
Beer Style OG hop 1 hop 2 hop 3
TB Table Beer 1045 English 1898 English 1898  
Ale Mild 1067 English    
E.I. Ale Pale Ale 1055 English 1898 English 1897 Californian 1897
IP Ale IPA 1064 English 1898 English 1897  
SS Stout 1055 English 1897 Californian 1897 Pacifics 1895
DS Stout 1071 English English  
Cairnes brewing record held at the Guinness archives.

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