Saturday 25 June 2022

Let's Brew - 1834 Berliner Weisse

This is based on the description in Johann Heinrich Moritz Poppe ‘s "Die Bierbrauerei auf der höchsten Stufe der jetzigen Vervollkommnung"

I’ve had to make a few guesses. Such as the OG and FG. Which I’ve based on the ingredients and analyses. I could be wrong.

What I am certain about is the proportion of wheat and barley malt. Which was three to one. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if it varied from brewery to brewery

Altmark hops were specified. I don’t think they exist anymore. So, I’ve plumped for Hallertau. Given the low level of bitterness, it probably doesn’t matter so much which type of hops you use.

How sour should it be? That probably depends on how long you age it. Bottle-conditioning for at least a couple of weeks is the way to go.

1834 Berliner Weisse
smoked wheat malt 7.50 lb 75.00%
lager malt 2.50 lb 25.00%
Hallertau 15 mins 1.25 oz
OG 1045
FG 1021
ABV 3.18
Apparent attenuation 53.33%
IBU 13
Mash single decoction  
Boil time 15 minutes
pitching temp 66º F
Yeast Wyeast 2565 Kölsch
Lactobacillus clausenii
Brettanomyces clausenii


action temperature time (minutes)
Mashed in 100º F 30
first rest 133º F 30
deoction with hops   15
mash out 167º F  

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Rob Sterowski said...

Hop growing in the Altmark suffered from cycles of boom and bust in the 19th century and collapsed entirely at the start of the 20th, with the last grower shutting up shop in the early 30s when he couldn’t find anyone to buy his crop. Nice summary here: