Monday, 6 June 2022

I drank a bottle of Newcastle Brown - and I liked it

Well, a bit. I didn't hate it, let's put it that way. Drinking it was a mildly pleasurable experience.

I'd not had it for years. Since then it's been through a few breweries. Pretty sure it was still brewed in Newcastle the last time I drank it. I didn't know what to expect at all. Malty, a bit caramelly, not too sweet. 

Why was I drinking Newcastle Brown. Because the pub we were drinking in, Harveys, had one cask option: Doom Bar. I really didn't fancy that. They used to sell Courage Best. That was OK.  But I really didn't want to waste my liver on Doom Bar. Mikey ordered a Newcastle Brown and I just followed suit.

The circumstances of its consumption probably boosted my enjoyment. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. And the Brown Ale, with the sun shining through it looked a treat. Let's just not think about all the skunking going on.


John said...

I had a bottle recently as it was the only thing on offer in a steakhouse other than poor lagers. It was better than I remember it was about 10 years ago (when it was truly horrible) but not a patch on what it was like when I used to drink it in the 1980's - Newkie being the goto drink in any pub where the cask was poor or non existent back then.

Last time I did some work with HUK, which must be 8-10 years ago now, I was told it was no longer brewed at Taddy but in the Netherlands! Don't know if they were pulling my leg.

Ciaran said...

It's only good for cooking sausages in or making pies with. The classic example of "cooking beer". Used to be quite nice in the 70s and early 80s but it's garbage now in the UK. Full of malt extract, sugar and general nastiness.

Martyn Cornell said...

The bottles on sale in the UK declare it's still brewed in the UK.

O.C. Palmer said...

I haven't had it in many years, but I seem to recall Doom Bar being fairly inoffensive. What about it doesn't appeal to you, Ron?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember once reading that Newcastle Brown was originally a blend of two beers - obviously not any more? The only major UK brewery still making blended beers that I know of is Greene King.

Anonymous said...

Newcastle was my favorite beer for many years, but I can't bring one to my lips anymore.
Here in the USA it's brewed by Lagunitas in California (at least the last time I looked).

It's not even a cooking beer anymore. Yet another good beer turned awful by large
breweries consolidating.

P.S. Thanks for the posts! I enjoy them and I've brewed a few of the recipes. They've
been spot-on!