Tuesday, 22 February 2022

I visit two Atlanta breweries

I'm not spending $30 on breakfast again. Instead, I give the hotel breakfast a whirl.

The choice is rather disappointing. They don't do a full cooked breakfast. About the closest I can get is a hot muffin with bacon, egg and cheese. It isn't great. Not too expensive, mind. With a coffee it comes to $10.

I'm mostly just lazing around in my room. I do nip out to Sol's Liquor, which is a couple of blocks away, and pick up a six pack of Bell's Two Hearted. Not very local, I know. But it is a good beer. Unfortunately, Sol's is down a bit of a hill. Making the return journey less than fun. I'm so lucky I live somewhere nice and flat like Amsterdam.

At three, I trail my sorry arse down to the lobby. And try to order an Uber for the first time. It doesn't work for some reason. I give up and get the hotel to call me a taxi.

First stop is New Realm, Mitch Steele's place. I get myself an IPA while I wait for him. Very nice it is, too. An old-school, West Coast type. I'm really starting to get a taste for this style of beer. Probably because it's gone out of fashion. Doubtless I'll be getting into pastry Stouts in a decade or two. Should I still be alive.

It's good to see Mitch again. We chat about various beery stuff, whilst sharing a few beers.

We head off to Bold Monk, John Roberts' new place. Like New Realm, it's a production brewery with a large taproom. John quickly takes us around the brewery part. Full of shiny stainless steel. Much like every other new brewery in the world.

Given the name of the brewery, it seems appropriate to start with a Tripel. Very good it is, too. After a few more beers and some food, Mitch drives me back to my hotel. It's been good to meet up with old friends again. I just wish I could remember more of the evening.

A whisky chases me into my dreams.

New Realm Brewing Co.
550 Somerset Terrace NE Unit 101
Atlanta, GA 30306.

Bold Monk Brewing Co.
1737 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW suite d-1,
Atlanta, GA 30318.

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Steve D. said...

You do know that Bell's is now effectively owned by Kirin (Japan)? Not that I expect Two Hearted or Hopslam to significantly change; but that it would not surprise me if Bell's beers, perhaps including a number of its stouts, begin appearing in Europe.