Wednesday 17 November 2021


This is embarrassing. I'm trying to set up some sort of event in Florida in February. Using my standard method of posting on my blog and waiting for responses. 

It usually works. But not this time. So far.

I'll give it another go. Anyone in Florida fancy hosting me for a talk and maybe brewing a collaborative beer? Or, perhaps, you know a suitable candidate brewer or homebrew club?

In either case, get in touch. Or I might have to try another state I haven't visited yet. I wouldn't want to have to choose a cold one.


Unknown said...

What's wrong with the cold states? Wisconsin has been pretty warm so far.. though probably not for too much longer :O

Steve D. said...

New Orleans, Louisiana in mid-February (preceding Lent) would be a consolation.

I may as well query you here. When you again visit the U.S.A. in May, potentially for Illinois (formerly Chicago) Craft Beer Week, are you going to brew another beer with Mike Siegel of Goose Island?

Jeff Renner said...

I put a feeler out to Tampa.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, you could come visit us in the Highlands. I'm an American who's been to some warm states so you could live vicariously through endless stories about the best baked beans in Florida and throwing shoes at giant cockroaches in Georgia. I'll put you up in my hotel, we'll maybe do a vintage beer tasting or something and I'll see if Cromarty Brewery is up for a collab -- I've already done several with them.